Sanita Bio Bora Bora Metallic Sandal 480011 16 Silver

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Sanita Bio Bora Bora Metallic is a silver sandal designed in a soft metallic mircofiber lined with felt for extra comfort. The sandal is designed with a toe strap sandal which ensure that the sandal can be adjusted to your foot.
The upper part of the sole is a mix of rubber and recycled cork to make a soft and flexible sole. Soft foam is added to the top layer of the insole to add extra comfort.
The outsole is a combination of wood waste from our wooden sole production combined with EVA. Sanita BIO sandals are a product group where we have focus on sustainability, recyclable materials and comfort.

Type - BIO sandal
Material - Metallic microfiber
Sole - EVA and wood waste
Height - 2 CM
Flexible - Yes