Sanita Bio Malta Sandal 480030 1 White

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Orthopedic approved sandals designed and certified to maintain professional safety standards without sacrificing comfort and support. Sanita Bio Malta Sandal is recycled sandals made in white rPET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) with an upper designs as a slipper with leather insole. Top insole is made of a mix of rubber and recycle cork to make it soft and flexible. Soft foam is added to the top layer of the insole to add extra comfort. Outsole is a combination of wood waste from our wooden sole production combined with EVA. Sanita BIO sandals are a product group where we have focus on sustainability, recyclable materials and comfort.

Type - BIO sandal
Material - Recycled plastic fibres
Sole - EVA and wood waste
Height - 2 CM
Flexible - Yes