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Sanita Simma Clogs 458440 14
Sanita Simma Clogs 458440 14
Sanita Simma Clogs 458440 14

Sanita Simma Clogs 458440 14

EUR 169.90

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Item number: 4793290013
Sanita Simma clog is an open clog made of natural materials that gives the user a urban feel in a natural product. Sanita Simma clog is made of beige quality Yak leather, which is a very soft but durable material. This clog is lined with lamb skin that adds extra comfort to your feet. The leather is clamped on a wooden sole made of lime tree and a rough rubber sole to improve the grib. The keywords of this product are fashionable, comfortable and quality.

Type - Closed clog                    
Material - Yak leather
Sole - Lime tree                                    
Height - 5 CM                            
Flexible - No
Color-  Nature beige

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Sanita Original clogs for women who demand comfort and fashion every day.
There are many reasons that we at SANITA have chosen to offer such a broad selection of ladies clogs with flexible rubber soles. One of these is that we know the incredible degree of comfort a pair of clogs with flexible rubber soles from our range for women can give. And if you know which situations you are likely to make most use of your Sanita Clogs for women, you have a special opportunity to search for the type that will suit you and your personal preferences best.


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