Strong quality and exclusive design
Shoes are more than just shoes. Shoes are what allow you to get from A to B without your feet feeling it, which is why it is first and foremost important to choose footwear that is guided by your needs for optimal comfort. Clogs without a heel cap are a true classic that can be dated back to the dawn of time, and we at Sanita want to revitalize the idea of the simple shoe that is comfortable, easy to put on and with a touch of individuality that makes you specifically choose this type of clog without a heel cap over other types of footwear.

Modern and classic in one

Clogs without a heel cap are by definition something associated with the past – but only to a certain extent. We at Sanita are constantly trying to develop and optimize clogs, so that they will be able to fill the same space in everyday life as any other type of footwear. It does not mean that you have to adapt to the shoe; the shoe must adapt to you because you must feel comfortable from the start. You have to feel that the design matches your style while at the same time that the comfort does not disappear. Among our large range of clog-free clogs, we can almost guarantee that you will find something that suits you.

For the whole family and more

At Sanita, we want everyone to be able to get a pair of clogs. No matter how old you are or what gender you are, we offer a unique number of different clogs that are suitable for different purposes. Our range undergoes constant dynamic development to ensure that there is something for everyone, whether you are men, women or children. It's about being comfortable and satisfied, and if the footwear fits as it should, you can focus on the things that you use the footwear to achieve.

Invest in a good clog without a heel cap

Do your feet a favor and invest in a good clog today. Are you one of those who lack a piece of footwear in everyday life, which is comfortable to wear and where the quality is top notch? If you can answer yes to the question, you should take a closer look at our selection of clogs without heel caps.
At Sanita, we have a large selection of this classic clog, and we guarantee that there is something for everyone. Our selection of clogs without a heel cap includes, among other things, patterned, colored and completely classic plain clogs. For those who want a clog with a more matte look, there are several models made of PU leather. For those who, on the other hand, prefer a clog with a more shiny look, we offer several models made of patent leather.

Not only the design is important

At Sanita, it is not just the design that is important. We make a virtue of manufacturing clogs that will create the best conditions for your feet, whether you are at work or at home. The soles of our clog-free clogs are made of flexible rubber, which is hard-wearing and shock-absorbing but at the same time soft and flexible. The shock-absorbing rubber sole protects your foot and provides maximum support throughout the day. They are therefore suitable for professional use if you have a job that requires support for your full.

With a Sanita clog without a heel cap, you will get a shoe that lasts a long time and is smart at the same time. Our clogs can be worn by anyone who wants to do something good for their feet. We have developed a wide selection, as there must be something for everyone, both in terms of material, design and expression. On this page you will find an overview of our various models.