Clogs for women – as seen on celebrity feet
Many women around the world are delighted with their clogs and the most fantastic thing is their popularity crosses the boundaries of style preference, foot shape and height – even profession! This versatility has also seduced many of the celebrities we know from the world of music, television and movies. The celebrated actress, Sarah Jessica Parker, is famed not only for her acting performances – but also her undeniably great style! She is renowned for her skill at creating looks that are admired and emulated. In several of the actress's every day looks, one element crops up again and again: Her beloved, classic clogs that she puts together with a bewildering variety of outfits. And that is exactly the genius of classic clogs for women – they can underpin unbelievably many styles. At SANITA, you will find a wide selection of fashion clogs for women. Choose a classic white that goes with everything, or find a more colourful pair to add panache to your clog collection. Sarah Jessica Parker is not the only celebrity to embrace clog culture – singer Miley Cyrus is also often seen sporting a pair of clogs. Whether it is a pair of statement boot clogs or super smart Sanita clogs, one thing is certain, they are an essential element in a carefully contrived look whose potency is enhanced by clog wearing feet. Our collection includes both Lucca and Allyson to help you complete the ideal celebrity-inspired look. We take pride in offering various styles in our collection of clogs for women, so whether you are looking for festive fashion styles like Caroline Clogs or cool and colourful like Kimmie Clogs, you will always find what you are looking for at Sanita! And if you combine the cool Sanita Clogs with gorgeous, eye-catching accessories you cannot avoid striking the exact Hollywood glamour style vibe. Follow in the footsteps of Sarah Jessica Parker and Miley Cyrus and enrich your wardrobe with glamorous clogs for women.