Read more about our clogs for women
We want our clogs for women to fulfill a longer range of functions, because we know how important it is that there is a shoe just for you. Designer footwear means a lot to most women, which is why our clogs are more than just the typical clog. They can be used as normal footwear in everyday life and at work, as the fit is specifically adapted to hug your foot perfectly, so you can endure walking in the shoe all day long. The shoes are therefore quite normal shoes from a practical point of view, but in terms of style they differ quite a bit from the average everyday shoe.

The festive and the formal

Another thing that we at Sanita have focused on is making clogs something that people want to wear at social gatherings. On warm summer evenings, boots and shoes often become heavy and uncomfortable, which makes clogs a light and airy solution for those who want freedom and flexibility. Our selection is also based on the fact that the need for this type of shoe exists on more formal occasions, which is why we offer a wide range of different variants that can work at even the finest of the finest companies.

Let yourself be inspired

It can be a big decision to have to choose a wooden shoe over other types of shoes, and therefore you just have to take the time it takes. Our large range can hopefully inspire you in one way or another, and regardless of whether you choose us or not, we hope that we have helped you towards the right choice for you. We want to revive the wooden shoe and exploit the great potential that lies hidden, and we would be delighted if you would join us.

Clog shoes for women that complement the wardrobe

Are you a woman and are you currently looking for a pair of clogs to complement your wardrobe? Then you have hopefully noticed that Sanita offers a large selection of beautiful clogs for women. And we are proud of that. The clogs can be worn by today's fashion-conscious women who love a good piece of footwear.  When developing our clog models for women, we first and foremost wanted to make them comfortable and practical. According to us, this characterizes a good clog. In addition, the design is highly valued. We believe that clogs should be nice to look at, while also being of high quality.

In many different variants

Our models for women come in different variants. We can offer clogs both in a sandal version and variants of the classic open clog or clogs with a heel cap. Our models also have different details, which means that some of the models are very simple in expression, while others are printed, with a heel strap, buckle or the like. This means that you have every opportunity to find the perfect pair of clogs. This applies whether they are going for a dress, a pair of jeans or something else entirely. Our clogs can be included in exactly the look you want to create and can be used again and again.

Quality clogs for women

At Sanita, we want to create quality clogs. Therefore, we will have to use quality materials that ensure a good and solid clog. The materials include leather, oiled leather, PU and oiled nubuck. The material for each shoe is carefully selected and must help to give each wooden shoe its unique design. Sanita clogs for women have been developed to offer women beautiful but also inexpensive footwear. We don't always think that clogs need to be expensive and therefore have favorable prices.