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At Sanita, we are aware that you cannot just offer clogs as they once were. The market has developed, and the new conditions have to be complied with. The needs exist in relation to both design and style, but since men's clogs are notoriously clunky and angular, it also sets completely new demands on comfort, fit and quality. They must therefore be both satisfying to look at and to walk around in, and precisely a wooden shoe where there is no compromise with either style or quality is something that we have worked to be able to deliver over a long period of specialisation.

For all days of the week around the clock

Our stated goal is to make clogs for men an everyday choice on par with ordinary footwear. Some of our clogs are suitable for relaxation and gardening, while others have exactly the same qualities as normal everyday shoes. They are comfortable, have high wear resistance, fit well and deliver a strong design impression. Clogs are basically quite unique, but there are many different variants for those who both want to consciously choose the clog, and for those who simply want the quality and comfort of clogs without the classic clog style. In other words, there are clogs for men with all types of needs.

Be the man

Clogs have something that no other shoe has, and that is the charm that was previously described. It's the little details in life that help define you, and nothing expresses a man more than a pair of clogs, ready on the terrace when you have to do gardening or receive guests in the driveway. We try to live up to this feeling of nostalgia with our constant development of clogs, because as a man you need to be able to feel like a man.

Smart clogs for men

For the man who is looking for a good piece of footwear, Sanita offers, among other things, a range of trendy clogs for men. The clog is something close to the ultimate piece of footwear that a man can own - they are both easy to put on, comfortable and pleasant to wear. We have tried to incorporate all the good qualities of a clog in our various clog models. We emphasize that our clogs must have fantastic support. At the same time, our top priority is also to make clogs that are of high quality and with a long shelf life. Not only with the high quality, you will also get a pair of clogs at an advantageous price.

Clogs for all purposes

Sanita clogs for men can be used for all kinds of purposes and at all times when it's tempting to jump into a pair of clogs. And we guarantee that once you've tried a pair of Sanita clogs for men, you won't want to go back to your old models.
Clogs are available in a multitude of types and models. We wanted to put together a selection for you who want something different to choose from. This means that you will find clogs in both light and dark shades as well as clogs with prints. At Sanita, we only use materials that we can vouch for. Our clogs for men are therefore made from either oiled leather, PU leather or fur, which together with the sole make a solid clog. All our clogs come in different sizes. With our wide selection, we guarantee that there will be a nice wooden shoe just for you.
So if you are looking for a gift for the man who has everything, or if you are a man yourself and are looking for a new pair of clogs, Sanita clogs for men could be the answer. Buy today and have the woods delivered shortly.