Clog Boots
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Our selection of clog boots has been put together carefully based on our experience with both clogs and boots in general, because this very special category of footwear is quite unique in an otherwise depleted market. We are one of very few retailers that can offer clog boots, and therefore we have carefully made an assessment of who needs clog boots and how they should be produced in order to be able to offer a product that is both comfortable in the short and long term term and in a style that radiates knowledge of design and fashion.

The extravagant with the clog boots

The clog boots in this category differ significantly from our other clog products, because these products are aimed at those who want to make something extra out of themselves and their choice of footwear. All clog boots that we at Sanita can offer come in extraordinary designs and styles that appeal to the fashion-conscious consumer. Although the boots can be used to the highest degree for everyday life due to the good fit, they will fit better in terms of style for gatherings where you are expected to do a little extra of yourself. In short, our clog boots complement the pompous, enigmatic and opulent expression that you want to reflect.

For the expectant

Our goal is, through continuous development, to continue to be able to supply clog boots to the demanding consumer who knows what she is looking for. We have long worked to shape and explore the world of clog varieties, and this is expressed in, among other things, this category, where quality is combined with unique and adequate design that can satisfy your needs for the unusual but inviting design. It is our job to adapt to you and your requirements, because your clothing and shoe style help to define you as a person. If we can help make you satisfied with yourself, that is the greatest compliment you can receive as a producer.

A wide selection of clog boots

Sanita's wide selection of clogs, sandals and rubber boots is an expression of our most important goal to offer shoes and boots for all needs. For this reason, we have also chosen to expand our range with different varieties of clog boots.  For people who haven't come across a clog boot before, it's basically a boot inspired by the classic clog. The actual shape and appearance of the boot can therefore be reminiscent of a clog, just in a boot shape.

An authentic look

With Sanita's clog boots, you can create an authentic look that captures both the old-fashioned and the modern. The boots can be combined with all kinds of clothes, from a pair of normal everyday jeans to a finer party dress, and thus provide the opportunity to be used for both everyday and finer use.
The robustness you get in a Sanita clog boot differs from other boots on the market. The wooden base, made of linden wood, helps to make the boot durable, among other things. At Sanita, we are of the opinion that a good boot should be able to withstand a bit of everything and not be replaced after a single season.
Our clog boots are for the modern woman who wants footwear where design and quality go hand in hand.

Clog boots in various styles

The selection consists of different styles. You will find both plain colored boots and boots with prints that come in different colours. The materials also vary from boot to boot, and we offer, among other things, clog boots made of printed suede, fur and waxed leather. Each boot is unique and well thought out in terms of both design and material.
So don't hesitate - get yourself a pair of Sanita clog boots. Not only that, your wardrobe will benefit from a supplement in the form of a pair. Your feet will thank you too, and we're sure you'll be as happy with the clog boot as we are.