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Some of our variants are more simple and minimalistic than others. First of all, they are comfortable and easy to put on because there is no heel cap, but they are also designed in a style that does not make you embarrassed to use them in everyday life. We want to provide products that you can use for all situations in everyday life and on holiday, and therefore it is important that you do not have to struggle to get cumbersome footwear on the beach and for other general relaxation. Our clog sandals are suitable for pleasant park walks, sunbathing and countless other outdoor as well as indoor social events.

The formal and unique clog sandals

However, we are also aware that footwear is used for much more than just the above. Footwear is part of your style, and for many this means that it should ideally reflect values that you can stand for. At Sanita, we strive to be able to offer a wide range of multifunctional clog sandals that are suitable for all types of both formal and less formal gatherings. They each come in their own unique style, where they are each specially designed in relation to both heel type, cut, colour, decoration and upper.

Clog sandals adapted to your requirements

At Sanita, we want to make clogs and all associated variants popular again. This is a difficult goal to achieve if you only deal with individual population groups, which is why it is our constant endeavor to deliver stylish and comfortable solutions for all ages, regardless of gender. We don't want to convince you that clog sandals are the only right solution, but simply to offer you an alternative to your typical footwear. Comfort, quality and good design come in many shapes and colours, and our varieties of clogs can offer you all this and more.

Combination of clogs and sandals

At Sanita, we have produced a clog sandal that combines the sandal with the clog. In other words: a nice and modern sandal, which is inspired by the classic clog.
Sanita's clog sandals are aimed at the modern woman who values both quality and design. We do not believe that one need exclude the other. In our opinion, a complete sandal is one that both has a high degree of comfort and at the same time is beautiful to look at. The clog sandals from Sanita are particularly suitable for the spring and summer months and are therefore ideal to have standing on the shoe shelf when summer starts knocking. The sandals are breathable and are therefore very comfortable to wear when the heat sets in.

A wide selection of clog sandals

We offer a wide selection of clog sandals. The selection contains many different models, which are made of different materials. The soles in our clog sandals are made from either linden wood or PU, and the sandal itself is available in versions with, among other things, soft leather, fur, suede, vintage leather and oiled nubuck. In addition, in our selection you will find sandals with and without heel straps as well as high and flat sandals.
Each sandal is unique and with a modern touch. By combining different materials and looks in the manufacture of the clog sandal, we want to offer designs for today's versatile woman. The sandals must be able to be used for parties, in everyday life and all other times when a good sandal is desired. The idea behind the clog sandals is that they should be comfortable, pleasant and trendy.
With Sanita's clog sandals, you get a piece of footwear that offers countless possibilities for creating a smart and contemporary look. They can be included in the looks you want to create. At the same time, our clog sandals are manufactured with something in mind to suit every budget. We believe that quality does not always have to be expensive.